Tile Adhesive

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Tile Adhesive

Selecting the perfect tile adhesive is crucial for your tiling project’s success. Whether you’re working on a kitchen backsplash, a bathroom renovation, or adding mosaics to your swimming pool, understanding the relationship between tile type, size, and the appropriate adhesive is key. This guide simplifies the complexity of choosing the right adhesive for various projects and provides practical application tips.

Calculating Your Tile Adhesive Needs

Estimating the right amount of tile adhesive is foundational for project planning. The quantity needed is directly influenced by the adhesive bed’s depth spread across the project area. We’ve compiled a helpful guide on adhesive coverage per tub to assist in calculating the necessary amount for your specific project, emphasizing that a thicker adhesive bed equates to greater adhesive consumption.

Ready Mixed Adhesives: A Quick Overview

  • UltraTileFix ProSuper Grip Ideal for ceramic tiles up to 30 x 30cm and certain natural stones in dry or wet interior areas. Not recommended for porcelain tiles or high-moisture zones like power showers. Coverage: approximately 8m2 per 15kg tub.
  • UltraTileFix ProSuper White: A water-resistant, non-slip adhesive for ceramic and small porcelain tiles. Suitable for wet rooms but not for floor applications. Coverage: approximately 8m2 per 15kg tub.

For larger tiles, consider a powdered adhesive for enhanced bonding strength.

Powdered Adhesives: When to Use Them

  • UltraTile ProFlex: Stands out as a versatile tile adhesive offering non-slip properties and enhanced flexibility, making it suitable for both wall and floor applications. Its formulation is designed to excel in immersion environments, ensuring durability and reliability in wet conditions. With a coverage rate of 10m² in dry areas and 8m² in wet areas per 20kg bag, UltraTile ProFlex provides an efficient solution for a wide range of tiling projects, delivering high performance where it matters most.
  • Tilemaster Setaflex: A highly adaptable tile adhesive that combines non-slip characteristics with significant flexibility, ideal for fixing tiles onto both walls and floors. Engineered to perform in various settings, it’s particularly effective in environments that require a reliable bond under conditions of moderate movement or stress. Each 20kg bag of Setaflex is formulated to cover an expansive area, ensuring optimal usage and efficiency for your tiling projects, making it a trusted choice for professionals seeking durability and versatility.

Gel Adhesives: Innovative Solutions by Kerakoll

Kerakoll’s H40 gel adhesive series is engineered for extreme conditions, offering unparalleled deformability and bonding speed. Their eco-conscious approach ensures high-quality, environmentally friendly tiling solutions.

Adhesive Selection: S1 vs. S2

Understanding the difference between S1 and S2 adhesives is crucial for selecting the right product. S2 adhesives offer higher deformability, making them a worthwhile investment for demanding applications.

Trowel Size Matters

Choosing the correct trowel size is essential for effective adhesive application:

  • Mosaics: 3-4.5mm
  • Large format tiles: 8-20mm, depending on the tile size.

For detailed recommendations, consult our trowel tool guide.

Application Techniques for Perfect Adhesion

On Walls: Start above the center line, spreading the adhesive with a notched trowel at a 45° angle. Work in small sections to prevent drying.

On Floors: Begin at the farthest point from the exit, using a larger notched trowel for even coverage and full tile contact.

Large Format Tiles: ‘Back-buttering’ ensures maximum adhesive contact and fills voids in natural stone tiles.

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