Bihui Diamond Hand Polishing Pad

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Diverse Grit Selection: Includes Grit #60 for coarse, #120 for medium, #200 for fine, and #800 for ultra-fine polishing.
Handheld Convenience: Ergonomically designed for easy grip and manual control during use.
High-Quality Diamonds: Constructed with premium diamonds for effective and durable polishing.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for polishing granite, marble, glass, and other hard surfaces.
Portable and Efficient: Compact size ensures easy portability and quick application for touch-ups and detailed work.

The Bihui Diamond Hand Polishing Pad series offers a comprehensive solution for manual polishing tasks, where machine polishers are not practical. These pads come in a range of grits—#60, #120, #200, and #400 making them incredibly versatile for various stages of the polishing process, from initial coarse grinding to achieving a high gloss finish.

Each pad is infused with high-quality diamonds, ensuring they not only perform exceptionally on tough materials like granite, marble, and glass but also withstand repeated use without losing effectiveness. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during extended use and allowing for precise control, which is especially important for detailed or intricate surface work.

Whether you need to smooth out rough edges, remove scratches, or bring out a high shine on stone countertops, the Bihui Diamond Hand Polishing Pad is your go-to tool. Its manual operation gives you complete control over the pressure and speed, providing a custom finish that machine polishing sometimes cannot match. These pads are essential for any DIY enthusiast or professional looking to add a final touch of elegance to their projects.

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Manufacturers Code

BU-DHP060, BU-DHP120, BU-DHP200, BU-DHP400


55mm x 95mm


#60, #120, #200, #400


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Bihui Diamond Hand Polishing PadBihui Diamond Hand Polishing Pad
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