Cembloc FCB Screws 25mm (200)

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High-performance 25mm fibre cement screws designed for secure and reliable fastening.
Self-countersinking head for a flush and professional finish.
Compatible with fibre cement boards, timber, and thin sheet metal (up to 0.6mm).
Easy installation with a twin-cut point and hi-low thread pattern.
Box of 200 screws, ideal for underlayment and subfloor installation.

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Introducing the Cembloc FCB Screws 25mm, an engineering marvel tailored to revolutionise the installation of fibre cement boards on subfloors and walls. These screws feature a torx head design, meticulously crafted to seamlessly navigate Cembloc fibre cement boards while delivering a precise countersunk finish. This ensures a flush surface, eliminating concerns about floor coverings settling into countersink recesses and guaranteeing an impeccable aesthetic and functional outcome.

Crafted with precision, these fibre cement screws offer secure attachment to various substrates, including timber and thin sheet metal with a maximum thickness of 0.6mm. Each screw embodies unwavering strength and stability, ensuring a consistent and dependable installation, regardless of the substrate.

The Cembloc FCB Screws stand as a testament to innovation and efficiency in fastening technology. Designed specifically for fibre cement board applications, they offer a range of benefits:

Secure and Reliable Fastening: Ensuring a strong and dependable installation.
Flush and Professional Finish: The self-countersinking head allows the screws to sit flush with the surface, providing a smooth finish.
Prevents Floor Covering Damage: The compact trim-head design prevents floor coverings from settling in countersink recesses.
Easy Installation: Featuring a twin-cut point and hi-low thread pattern for quick and efficient penetration.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for attaching fibre cement boards to timber framing, metal studs, and other substrates.
Enhanced Stability: Contributing to the overall stability and structural integrity of the installation.
Time and Cost Efficiency: Enabling efficient and trouble-free installation, saving time and labour costs.
The Cembloc FCB Screws are available in 25mm and 42mm lengths, with a box of 200 screws, making them ideal for various construction projects. They are particularly suitable for underlayment and subfloor installation, interior wall panelling, backer board installation, metal stud framing, and general construction applications.

Choose Cembloc FCB Screws 25mm for your next project and experience superior fastening technology that ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.



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12 Hours


External, Floor, Internal, Showers, Steam Rooms, Swimming Pools, Wall, Wet Rooms

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Cembloc FCB Screws 25mm (200)Cembloc FCB Screws 25mm (200)
£8.54 ex VAT - £10.25 inc VAT

Availability: 18 in stock (if you need more get in touch and we will let you know how fast we can deliver)