Dural Durabase CI++ Crack Isolation / Decoupling Matting Per 1m2

£7.96 ex VAT - £9.55 inc VAT

Mat thickness: approx. 3mm
Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Weight: approx. 0,690 kg/m2
Roll width: 1m
Roll length: Sold Per M2

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DURABASE CI++ – the ultimate solution for decoupling, drainage, sealing, and insulation. This high-quality product, available for purchase by the metre, offers exceptional performance and durability, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
DURABASE CI++ is specifically designed to provide reliable decoupling and effective drainage, ensuring long-lasting protection for your surfaces. Whether you’re installing ceramic tiles, natural stone, or other floor coverings, this innovative product helps to prevent cracks and damage caused by substrate movements.
One of the key features of DURABASE CI++ is its excellent sealing properties. It forms a reliable barrier, protecting against moisture and preventing water infiltration. This feature is particularly beneficial in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and showers, ensuring a durable and waterproof surface.
Not only does DURABASE CI++ offer exceptional decoupling and sealing, but it also provides effective insulation properties. It helps to reduce heat loss, making it an energy-efficient solution for both residential and commercial spaces.
The versatility of DURABASE CI++ is another advantage worth mentioning. It can be easily installed on various substrates, including concrete, screed, wood, and existing ceramic tiles, making it suitable for renovation projects as well. Its flexible nature allows for easy adaptation to uneven surfaces, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.
When it comes to installation, DURABASE CI++ offers convenience and ease of use. Simply cut the product to the desired length, and it’s ready to be installed. Its lightweight construction makes handling and transportation hassle-free, saving you time and effort during the installation process.
Choose DURABASE CI++ for reliable decoupling, efficient drainage, effective sealing, and excellent insulation properties. With its availability by the metre, you can order the exact quantity you need for your project, minimizing waste and maximizing cost-effectiveness.
Trust in DURABASE CI++ to provide the ultimate solution for your decoupling, drainage, sealing, and insulation needs. Visit our website to learn more and order this exceptional product today.




Waterproofing, Crack Bridging, Decoupling, External, Floor, Internal, Underfloor Heating






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Dural-MattingDural Durabase CI++ Crack Isolation / Decoupling Matting Per 1m2
£7.96 ex VAT - £9.55 inc VAT

3 - 5 Day Delivery If You Need It Faster Get In Touch