Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 120cm (48in)

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120cm (48-inch) length for extended levelling tasks
3 vials for vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree levelling
Shock-resistant end caps for long-lasting durability
Ergonomic grip for comfortable handling

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For larger-scale projects that demand a longer level, Faithful’s Box Level with a 3 Vial 120cm (48-inch) design is your go-to choice. This levelling tool is a favourite among carpenters, construction workers, and DIY experts due to its precision, durability, and ease of use.
The 120cm length ensures that you can tackle extended levelling tasks with ease. Whether it’s installing kitchen cabinets, framing a wall, or laying tiles, this box level has got you covered. The extended length means fewer adjustments and measurements, saving you time and enhancing your productivity.

One of the standout features of this Faithful Box Level is its three vials. The vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree vials offer a comprehensive range of levelling options, ensuring that you can take on a multitude of tasks with confidence. Each vial is constructed using high-quality materials to provide maximum accuracy, and the brightly coloured liquid ensures that readings can be taken easily, even in low-light conditions.

Durability is key in any tool designed for the construction industry, and this 120cm box level does not disappoint. It’s made of rugged, high-impact materials that withstand the rigours of everyday use. The shock-resistant end caps provide an extra layer of protection against accidental drops or impacts, ensuring that the level maintains its accuracy over time.

Another commendable feature is its ergonomic design. The Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 120cm comes with a comfortable grip, allowing for effortless handling even during extended use. This minimises fatigue and enhances user comfort, making it easier to focus on the job at hand.

In summary, the Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 120cm (48-inch) is a must-have tool for any serious tradesperson or DIY enthusiast. With its multiple vials, extended length, and durable construction, it offers a level of functionality and reliability that is hard to beat. When precision matters, this is the level you can count on.






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Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 120cm (48in)Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 120cm (48in)
£21.60 ex VAT - £25.92 inc VAT

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