Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 60cm (24in)

£14.82 ex VAT - £17.78 inc VAT

Compact 60cm (24-inch) design ideal for confined spaces
Equipped with three vials for versatile levelling
Shock-absorbing end caps to maintain durability
Ergonomic grips for easier handling

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The Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 60cm (24in) is the perfect tool for contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who needs reliable levelling in smaller or confined spaces. While it might appear as just another levelling tool, it stands out for its stellar combination of compact size and unmatched precision, setting the standard for smaller-scale projects.

Let?s start with its size. At a compact 60cm, this box level is perfect for indoor projects, fitting comfortably into toolboxes and even in vehicle compartments. Despite its smaller size, it doesn’t compromise on the level of accuracy, thanks to the three precision-engineered vials. Whether you need to level horizontally, vertically, or at a 45-degree angle, this tool has got you covered.

One of the significant challenges with compact tools is visibility, but that’s not an issue with this box level. The vials are filled with a bright liquid for easy viewing, ensuring you can read the level accurately even in poorly lit conditions. This is especially helpful for indoor jobs like setting up kitchen cabinets, hanging pictures, or installing shelving where lighting might be less than ideal.

Durability is another cornerstone of the Faithful brand, and this box level is no exception. Constructed from high-quality materials capable of withstanding the rigours of a construction site, it?s built to last. The shock-absorbing end caps add an extra layer of protection against accidental drops and knocks, making sure the tool remains as precise as the day you bought it.

When it comes to usability, the ergonomic grips on this level reduce hand fatigue and allow for a much more comfortable experience. No matter how long you?re working, these grips ensure that your hands won’t give out before the job is done.

In summary, the Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 60cm (24in) is a must-have for anyone looking for a compact yet highly accurate levelling tool. Its blend of robust construction, precise vials, and user-friendly design makes it a versatile tool suitable for all kinds of levelling tasks, regardless of the project size.






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Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 60cm (24in)Faithful Box Level 3 Vial 60cm (24in)
£14.82 ex VAT - £17.78 inc VAT

3 - 5 Day Delivery If You Need It Faster Get In Touch