Gaffa Tape 50mm x 50m Silver

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50mm width ensures ample coverage for various tasks
High-strength adhesive for instant bonding
Versatile usage, sticks effectively to multiple surfaces
Comes in a 50m roll for extended use
Tear able by hand for quick and easy application

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In the world of tiling, contracting, and general DIY, some items are indispensable. Gaffa Tape ranks high on that list. Whether you’re securing a dust sheet, fastening a loose wire, or even making a temporary repair, Gaffa Tape offers a quick and dependable solution. The product we offer is 50mm wide, ensuring ample coverage and optimal adhesive performance. Its high-strength adhesive bonds instantly to various surfaces, be it wood, plastic, or metal, effectively eliminating any chances of slippage or breakage.

One of the most compelling features of this Gaffa Tape is its versatility. It doesn’t just stick; it stays stuck. This makes it ideal for a multitude of applications, ranging from the rudimentary to the highly specialized. For instance, professional tilers can use it for positioning and holding tile spacers or even for setting up temporary marking guides. Contractors, especially those involved in HVAC or electrical work, will find this tape invaluable for bundling cables or sealing off minor leaks temporarily.

A 50m roll ensures that you have more than enough to go around, so you’re never caught short during those critical moments when a quick fix is needed. The tape is easy to tear by hand, negating the need for additional tools like scissors or knives, thus speeding up your workflow. This is particularly useful when you’re working in tight spaces or at awkward angles and need to secure something quickly.

It’s also worth noting that while the tape is strong, it is designed to be removed without leaving sticky residues, a feature that professionals and DIYers alike will appreciate. Whether you’re patching, sealing, or fastening, you can rely on this Gaffa Tape to hold steadfast, and yet, be forgiving enough to allow for adjustments or repositioning.

So why opt for substandard tapes when you can go for Gaffa Tape? With its high adhesion, versatility, and easy-to-use nature, it?s a must-have in any toolkit. Make your work easier and more efficient with Gaffa Tape 50mm x 50m Silver. Keep a roll or two handy, and you’ll find that it?s as indispensable as any of your professional tools.




50m x 50mm


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Gaffa Tape 50mm x 50m SilverGaffa Tape 50mm x 50m Silver
£4.36 ex VAT - £5.23 inc VAT

Availability: 6 in stock (if you need more get in touch and we will let you know how fast we can deliver)