Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane 30m2

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Mat thickness: approx. 3mm
Material: Plastic HDPE
Weight: approx. 570 g/m²
Roll width: 1m
Roll length: 30m

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Introducing the Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane 30m2: Unleash the Power of Protection

The Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane is sold in 30m2 is a cutting-edge solution designed to safeguard your construction projects with unparalleled durability and performance. Crafted by Genesis, a trusted name in construction materials, this innovative membrane delivers a formidable defence against moisture, ensuring long-lasting structural integrity. The matting reduces tension created by changes in the substrate to protect against cracks and is suitable for both indoor and out door use.

Unmatched Quality and Durability:
Engineered with precision and built to last, the Genesis Strato Matting offers exceptional quality and durability. Its composition includes a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) layer, fortified with a laminated polypropylene non-woven fabric. This combination creates a robust barrier that shields your construction from the elements, preventing moisture intrusion and potential damage.

Advanced Moisture Protection:
Say goodbye to worries about moisture-related problems with the Genesis Strato Membrane. Its superior design effectively blocks water penetration, ensuring that your building remains dry and safe. Whether you’re constructing a residential building, a commercial complex, or an industrial facility, this membrane provides the ultimate protection against moisture ingress, maintaining the integrity of your structure for years to come.

Versatile Applications:
The Genesis Strato Membrane Decoupling Matt adapts to various construction scenarios, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects. From basements and foundations to roofs and terraces, this versatile membrane can be effortlessly applied to different surfaces. Its flexible nature allows for easy installation, ensuring hassle-free implementation and compatibility with diverse architectural designs.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:
We understand the value of time and efficiency in your construction endeavours. The Genesis Strato Membrane 30m2 simplifies the installation process, saving you both time and effort. With its user-friendly features, including convenient roll dimensions and clear installation guidelines, you can seamlessly integrate this membrane into your project without complications. Additionally, its low-maintenance nature means you can focus on other essential aspects of your construction, confident in the knowledge that the Strato Membrane has got you covered.

Reliable Performance:
The Genesis Strato Membrane 30m2 doesn’t just provide exceptional moisture protection; it also delivers reliable performance in various environmental conditions. Whether faced with extreme temperatures, UV radiation, or challenging weather patterns, this membrane stays resilient, ensuring consistent performance throughout the life of your construction project.

Invest in the Genesis Strato Membrane 30m2, and elevate your construction projects to new heights of durability and protection. With its unparalleled quality, versatile applications, and advanced moisture resistance, this membrane is your trusted ally in ensuring long-lasting structural integrity. Trust in Genesis, and let the Strato Membrane be the Armor that shields your project from the elements, securing a future built to last.

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 30000 × 1000 cm

Waterproofing, Crack Bridging, Decoupling, External, Floor, Internal, Underfloor Heating





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Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane 30m2Genesis Strato Decoupling Membrane 30m2
£162.94 ex VAT - £195.53 inc VAT

Availability: 3 in stock (if you need more get in touch and we will let you know how fast we can deliver)