Kelmore MoreFlex Semi Rapid S1 Grey Tile Adhesive – 20kg

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Highly polymer-modified S1 tile adhesive for enhanced flexibility and strong bonding.
Semi-rapid setting, perfect for projects requiring a balance between workability and swift completion.
Suitable for a wide range of tiles and backgrounds, including large formats and areas with limited movement.
Eco-conscious with reduced CO2 emissions and compliant with environmental standards.
Compatible with interior and exterior applications, including wet areas like swimming pools.

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Kelmore MoreFlex Semi-Rapid S1 Grey Tile Adhesive is a sophisticated choice for professionals, balancing the quick setting times of rapid adhesives with the workability of standard adhesives. This 20kg bag of S1 classified adhesive is designed for versatility and strength, accommodating up to 15mm bed depth and suitable for diverse tiling materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone.

The product has a practical open time of 30 minutes and a pot life of 2 hours, allowing tilers to work with precision and speed. Grouting can be commenced in as little as 6 hours after application, making it an ideal choice for projects that require efficiency.

In line with current environmental considerations, the Semi-Rapid S1 adhesive stands out for its sustainable manufacturing process, significantly cutting down on CO2 emissions. This feature is particularly important for projects where eco-friendliness is as crucial as performance.

MoreFlex Semi-Rapid S1 adhesive’s robust formulation ensures it can be used for both interior and exterior settings, including challenging wet areas, and is especially recommended for large format tiles that demand a strong and flexible bond.

Weight 20 kg


Adhesive Type

C2 Improved Adhesive, E Extended Opening Time, S1 Flexible Adhesive, T Slip Resistant

Setting Time



Ceramics, External, Floor, Internal, Mosaics, Natural Stone, Porcelain, Showers, Swimming Pools, Wall, Wet Rooms



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Kelmore MoreFlex Semi Rapid S1 Grey Tile Adhesive - 20kgKelmore MoreFlex Semi Rapid S1 Grey Tile Adhesive – 20kg
£13.70 ex VAT - £16.44 inc VAT

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