Kelmore PrimeMore Universal Primer 1 Litre

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Specialised Surface Preparation: The 1-litre Kelmore PrimeMore Universal Primer preps absorbent surfaces for tiling and levelling.

Improved Adhesive Performance: It ensures adhesives and smoothing compounds bond effectively, enhancing their strength and durability.

Moisture Regulation: By controlling substrate porosity, it prevents excessive moisture absorption, ensuring optimal curing of coverings.

Easy Application Tracking: Coloured blue for visible coverage, aiding in complete application without missing spots.

  1. Ready for All Environments: Quick-drying and suitable for interior and exterior use, PrimeMore Universal is versatile for any project.

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The 1-litre Kelmore PrimeMore Universal Primer stands as an expert solution for priming porous surfaces prior to the application of tile adhesives or levelling and smoothing compounds. Developed to uphold the integrity of your tiling work, this high-performance primer is an indispensable asset for achieving professional-grade results.

Kelmore PrimeMore Universal ensures a robust bond between the substrate and subsequent layers. Its meticulous formulation penetrates porous backgrounds, effectively sealing them to regulate their moisture-absorbing properties. This vital step prevents adhesives and levelling compounds from drying out too quickly, which can weaken their adhesion and reduce their efficacy.

Uniquely pigmented blue, the primer allows for easy tracking during application, guaranteeing that every inch of the surface is sufficiently covered. This visual aid is especially useful in complex areas or over large surfaces, ensuring uniform application and preventing the risk of untreated patches that could lead to failure in tile adhesion.

Suitable for a wide range of environments, PrimeMore Universal’s versatility is evidenced by its suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications. The primer’s quick-drying formula, approximately 30 minutes at 20°C, means that work can proceed without unnecessary delays, making it ideal for projects with tight schedules.

Available in a convenient 1-litre size, PrimeMore Universal is perfect for small to medium-sized projects or as a readily available solution for touch-ups and repairs. The primer is also economical, with a recommended dilution ratio of 1:3, extending its coverage without compromising quality.

In essence, the 1-litre Kelmore PrimeMore Universal Primer is not just a preparatory product; it is a foundation for excellence. Whether you’re a professional tiler or embarking on a DIY home improvement project, this primer is formulated to enhance the quality and longevity of your tiling work. It represents a commitment to ensuring that every tiling project begins on the right note, with a surface primed for perfection.

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Kelmore PrimeMore 1 Litre PrimerKelmore PrimeMore Universal Primer 1 Litre
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