Kerakoll Biotex Reinforced Anti-Crack Mat Per m2

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Mat thickness: approx. 0.65mm
Material: PET polyester nonwoven fabric
Weight: approx. 150 g/m2
Roll width: 1m
Roll length: Sold Per M2

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Introducing the Biotex Reinforced Anti-Cracking Sheet – your ultimate solution for achieving exceptional waterproofing and stability for interior floor coverings. Developed by Kerakoll, a renowned industry leader, this product offers unparalleled strength and durability, and it is conveniently available for purchase by the metre.
Designed to be used on a wide range of load-bearing substrates, the Biotex Reinforced Anti-Cracking Sheet is the perfect choice for thoroughly dried concrete, cement-based screeds, ceramic tiles, natural stone, anhydrite screeds, levelling products, and mixed wood and cast asphalt substrates. It effectively evens out tensile and shear movements between the substrate and the surface finish, providing superior stability and minimizing the risk of cracks.
What sets the Biotex Reinforced Anti-Cracking Sheet apart is its exceptional flexibility and long-lasting performance. With a slim thickness of only 0.65 mm, this sheet offers a robust layer of protection without compromising on durability. It reduces tensile and shear movements while ensuring maximum safety, particularly on critical and old substrates.
Proper substrate preparation is crucial for optimal results. Prior to installing the Biotex sheet, ensure irregular substrates are levelled and the surface is primed.
When laying ceramic tiles, natural stone, large formats, porcelain tiles, clinker, or similar materials using the Biotex Reinforced Anti-Cracking Sheet, start by applying an adhesive from the H40 range to the prepared substrate using a notched trowel. Then, carefully place the Biotex sheet on the fresh adhesive, ensuring a smooth, crease-free application while firmly pressing it down. For projects requiring multiple sheets, allow for a 5 cm overlap. Incorporate elastic joints in the building structure and include perimeter and fractionising joints for surface coatings. Finally, lay the surface coating, making sure the back of the tiles is fully coated with an adhesive from the Bio range using an appropriate toothed spreader.
The Biotex Reinforced Anti-Cracking Sheet is conveniently sold by the metre, allowing you to order the exact quantity you need for your project. With its exceptional maximum tensile strength, impressive elongation properties, and excellent air permeability, this sheet meets stringent quality standards. Its PET polyester nonwoven fabric construction in a slightly greenish white colour ensures reliability and visual appeal.

Choose the Biotex Reinforced Anti-Cracking Sheet from Kerakoll for unparalleled performance and protection for your interior floor coverings. Please note that this information is based on our technical and practical knowledge, and we recommend conducting preliminary tests to ensure suitability for your specific project. For the latest updates and additional information, visit the official Kerakoll website.

Dimensions 1000 × 1000 cm



Waterproofing, Crack Bridging, Decoupling, External, Floor, Internal, Underfloor Heating



Mat Weight

150 g/m2




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