Kerakoll Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kg


Suitable for Internal & External Use
Forms an enduring connection between tiles with its advanced two-part epoxy blend.
Defends against stains, keeping grout lines pristine and visually appealing.
Waterproof acts as a barrier against moisture, thwarting mould and mildew growth.
Adapts to tile movements, ensuring crack-free surfaces that last.
Offers an array of colours, effortlessly complementing diverse tile palettes.
Aids in maintaining hygienic spaces by repelling moisture and mould.
Comes in 2 Parts. Part A Epoxy Resin Part B Polyamines.
Size: 3kg Tub

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Discover Kerakoll Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kg: Elevate Your Tiling with Professional Precision
Elevate your tiling projects to new heights with Kerakoll’s Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kg. This product stands as a testament to Kerakoll’s commitment to excellence, offering you a premium solution that combines innovation, durability, and expertise.
Kerakoll’s Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout is a masterpiece of tiling precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this grout ensures your tiling projects achieve flawless results, reflecting the expertise of professional tilers.
With its two-part epoxy composition, Fugalite Bio guarantees a bond that withstands the test of time. Your tiles will remain securely in place, maintaining their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity for years to come.
Simplify your tiling process without compromising on elegance. Fugalite Bio’s seamless application ensures your grout lines are not only resilient but also visually striking, enhancing the overall beauty of your projects.
Tiling is an art, and Fugalite Bio ensures your creations endure. Its exceptional durability ensures your tiling projects remain stunning and structurally sound, even in high-traffic areas or challenging environments.
Tiling is not just about strength; it’s about aesthetics too. Fugalite Bio offers an array of colours, allowing you to match your grout seamlessly to your tiles and create spaces that inspire.
Maintain the brilliance of your tiling projects with Fugalite Bio’s advanced formula. It resists staining and discoloration, ensuring your grout lines stay pristine and captivating over time.
Create healthier spaces with Fugalite Bio’s hydrophobic properties. By repelling water and moisture, it actively prevents mould and mildew growth, keeping your tiled areas both beautiful and hygienic.
Embrace flexibility without compromising on quality. Fugalite Bio’s flexibility accommodates natural tile movements, safeguarding against cracks and fractures and allowing your projects to shine seamlessly.
Fugalite Bio reflects Kerakoll’s legacy of expertise. As a trusted name in the industry, Kerakoll delivers a grout that embodies precision, innovation, and the pursuit of tiling excellence.
Elevate your tiling craftsmanship with Kerakoll Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kg. Unleash the power of professional precision and let your projects shine with enduring strength and exceptional beauty. Experience tiling mastery with Fugalite Bio.

Weight 3 kg


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External, Floor, Internal, Showers, Swimming Pools, Wall, Wet Rooms




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Kerakoll Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kgKerakoll Fugalite Bio 2 Part Epoxy Grout 3kg