Kerakoll Levelflex External Levelling Compound 20kg

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Rapid-setting, ready for foot traffic in 3 hours.
Fibre-reinforced for enhanced strength and durability.
High resistance to water and frost, suitable for external use.
Ideal for swimming pool floors and exposed applications.
Applicable in thicknesses from 2 to 50 mm.
Eco-friendly, with low VOC emissions and high recycled content.

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Kerakoll Levelflex External Levelling Compound 20kg is a high-performance, rapid-setting self-levelling compound designed specifically for external and submersible projects. This fibre-reinforced compound is perfect for smoothing surfaces prior to tiling and can also be left uncovered as a wearing surface, making it versatile for various applications. Its rapid setting time allows for foot traffic just 3 hours after application, making it ideal for projects with tight schedules.

This levelling compound is ideal for use in wet areas and swimming pools as part of the Kerakoll swimming pool system. It maintains performance while submerged, providing a durable and reliable solution for levelling swimming pool floors, external patios, terraces, and other exposed areas. It is suitable for applications ranging from 2mm to 50mm in a single layer.

Kerakoll Levelflex External is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including mineral screeds made with Keracem Eco, cement-based screeds, and prefabricated concrete or fresh concrete castings. The substrate must be properly prepared, free from dust, oil, grease, and any loose or flaky materials. For best results, the substrate should be treated with a suitable primer.

This product is also compatible with various adhesives, including gel adhesives, mineral adhesives, epoxy and polyurethane adhesives, and single- and two-component cement-based adhesives. This makes it versatile and ideal for laying ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and mosaic tiles.

Formulated with high-performance raw materials that have a low environmental impact, Kerakoll Levelflex External contains over 60% regional minerals and over 30% recycled regional minerals. It has low CO2 emissions, contributing to its eco-friendly profile.

The application process is straightforward. Mix the compound with 3.5 to 4.2 litres of clean water to achieve a smooth, self-levelling mixture. It can be applied using a flooring trowel or a mechanical pump for large surfaces. The use of a spike roller or aeration roller can further improve the surface finish by removing entrapped air. In conditions of low temperatures and high humidity, ensure the environment is well-ventilated during and after application to prevent condensation on the surface.

Kerakoll Levelflex External features excellent mechanical properties, with compressive strengths of ? 25 N/mm² after 28 days and flexural strengths of ? 6 N/mm² after 28 days. It conforms to BS EN 13813 standards, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Overall, Kerakoll Levelflex External Levelling Compound 20kg is a robust, eco-friendly, and versatile solution for achieving perfectly levelled floors in a variety of external and submersible settings.

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Kerakoll Levelflex External Levelling Compound 20kgKerakoll Levelflex External Levelling Compound 20kg
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Availability: 238 in stock (if you need more get in touch and we will let you know how fast we can deliver)