Kerakoll Nanodefense Eco Organic Water-Based Mineral Tanking Paste

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  • Eco-Friendly and Organic: Certified organic, water-based mineral tanking paste, perfect for creating waterproof surfaces in damp environments.
  • Health and Environmentally Safe: Formulated with very low VOC emissions, ensuring operator safety and environmental protection.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for waterproofing absorbent substrates like concrete, gypsum, and plaster before laying ceramic coverings.
  • Compatible with Various Adhesives: Works seamlessly with gel, mineral, and organic mineral adhesives, including two-component systems.
  • Easy to Use: Single-component paste with a light blue colour for easy application tracking, available in 5kg (Product Code: K07250) and 15kg (Product Code: K13032) buckets.
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Kerakoll Nanodefense Eco represents a pinnacle in eco-conscious building materials, merging advanced technology with environmental stewardship to provide an unparalleled solution for waterproofing needs in damp and absorbent substrates. This single-component, water-based mineral tanking paste is specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of GreenBuilding, offering a sustainable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Crafted with an emphasis on safety and ecological responsibility, Nanodefense Eco boasts an organic composition that significantly reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This not only safeguards the health of operators but also minimises environmental impact, making it an ideal choice for projects where health and sustainability are paramount.

The versatility of Nanodefense Eco is unmatched. It is engineered for the waterproofing of smooth, compact, and absorbent substrates prior to the laying of ceramic coverings. Whether it’s for concrete flooring, gypsum walls, or cement-based screeds, its robust formulation ensures total water resistance under positive thrust, effectively protecting against dampness and humidity in constantly wet environments.

Compatibility extends to a wide range of adhesives, including gel and mineral adhesives with SAS technology, single-component and two-component organic mineral adhesives, and cement-based, water-dispersed, reactive-epoxy, and polyurethane two-component adhesives. This broad compatibility ensures that Kerakoll Nanodefense Eco can integrate seamlessly into various project specifications, offering flexibility in application and use.

Ease of application is a hallmark of Nanodefense Eco. The product is ready to use straight from the bucket, requiring no complex mixing or preparations. Its unique light blue colour serves as a visual guide during application, ensuring complete and even coverage across surfaces. Suitable for internal use, its application range spans from concrete flooring and compact cement-based screeds to gypsum and plasterboard walls, offering a comprehensive solution for waterproofing needs.

In summary, Kerakoll Nanodefense Eco stands out for its organic, eco-friendly formulation, low VOC emissions, compatibility with a wide range of adhesives, and ease of application. It embodies the future of sustainable building materials, offering a reliable, versatile, and environmentally responsible choice for waterproofing projects.


Preparation of substrates
Substrates must comply with BS 5385, parts 1-5, be compact, smooth, absorbent, free from substances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loose material. Varnishes and paints must be removed completely. Substrates must be stable, nondeformable and with no cracks. Cement-based substrates must have a residual humidity ≤ 2 % CM. Plasters with a gypsum base must present a residual humidity ≤ 1 % CM, and screeds with an anhydrite base ≤ 0.5 % CM, or ≤ 0.3 % CM if an underfloor heating system is installed. Before waterproofing the substrates must be primed with Primer A Eco, eco-friendly water-based, solvent-free primer, following the instructions for use.

Instruction for use
Nanodefense Eco is immediately ready for use. Before use it is advisable to remix the product inside the container to ensure the mixture
is of an even consistency. Any excess adhesive can be kept for later use by sealing the container.
Apply a fine, uniform film, preferably using a roller, a steel spreader or a brush. Repeat the operation when the first coat has hardened
(≈ 1 hr according to the absorbency of the substrate and the temperature). The distinct light blue colour of Nanodefense Eco allows the
user to check if the surface has been completely and evenly covered.
Waterproof corners and expansion joints with Aquastop 120 applied using Nanodefense Eco. For external and internal angles and for
water and drainage pipeline crossings use special pre-formed pieces applied using Nanodefense Eco.

Spreader, roller, brush. Wash tools with water before the product hardens.

Weight 5 kg



External, Floor, Internal, Showers, Swimming Pools, Wet Rooms


5kg, 15kg

Approximate Coverage

1.5kg per m2

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