Raimondi Sheath Roller

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Height Adjustable.
Use for installing decoupling and anti crack matting.
Add bag of adhesive for extra weight.
Can be dismantled for easy storage.
Speeds up matting installation.

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The Raimondi Sheet Press Roller, a must-have tool for achieving professional and decoupling matt installations. This innovative roller is designed to ensure optimal adhesion and eliminate air pockets between matting and adhesive, resulting in a flawless and long-lasting finish.
The Raimondi Sheet Press Roller is specially crafted with high-quality materials and features a sturdy and ergonomic handle for comfortable and efficient operation. Its durable construction ensures years of reliable performance, making it a valuable addition to any tiling toolkit.
Using the Sheet Press Roller is simple and straightforward. After applying adhesive to the substrate and placing the matting, add a bag of adhesive to give additional weight, gently roll the roller over the surface to exert uniform pressure. This action helps to securely bond the matting to the adhesive, ensuring a solid and even installation. The roller’s smooth surface prevents any damage or scratching to the matting surface during the process.
By effectively pressing the tiles into the adhesive, the Raimondi Sheet Press Roller helps to eliminate air voids and ensures maximum contact between the matting and substrate. This enhances the overall bond strength, minimizing the risk of tile lifting or unevenness over time.
Invest in the Raimondi Sheet Press Roller and experience the difference it makes in your matting installations. Ensure optimal adhesion, eliminate air pockets, and achieve a flawless finish with this reliable and efficient tool. Add it to your tiling arsenal and elevate the quality of your tile projects.




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Raimondi Sheath RollerRaimondi Sheath Roller
£136.95 ex VAT - £164.34 inc VAT

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