Rubi 10mm Scoring Wheel

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Broad Application: Ideal for medium to large tiles.
Ultra-Durable Construction: Made from robust alloy.
Easy to Use: Compatible with TS, TR, TF, Speed, FAST, POCKET and PRACTIC Cutters.
Consistent Scoring: Advanced carbide wheel.
Suitable for All: Whether you’re a pro or a DIYer, this is the scoring wheel for you.

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Introducing the Rubi 10mm Scoring Wheel, the ultimate tool for anyone committed to perfect tiling. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor, a tiling professional, or even a DIYer who insists on the best, this is the scoring wheel you’ve been waiting for.

Manufactured from high-quality, long-lasting alloy, the Rubi 10mm Scoring Wheel is built to withstand the daily demands of both professional and personal use. Its size makes it highly versatile, allowing for precise cuts on medium to large-sized tiles. With its advanced design, it promises consistent, clean scoring lines every time.

Unlike conventional scoring wheels that lose sharpness quickly, this 10mm wheel is engineered with a high-grade carbide material that ensures long-lasting sharpness. This consistent performance makes your work look exceptional, down to the last tile.

Easily adaptable to various Rubi tile cutters, the 10mm Scoring Wheel makes switching between different tiling projects hassle-free. From tiling floors to walls or even crafting intricate tile designs, this scoring wheel will not let you down.
We can confidently say this product offers reliability, durability, and above all, ultimate precision. Make no mistake; this is the scoring wheel you need for your next tiling project.





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Rubi 10mm Scoring WheelRubi 10mm Scoring Wheel
£14.33 ex VAT - £17.20 inc VAT

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