Rubi Cable with Plug 110v / 230v


Universal Fit: Rubi 58853 (230V) and 58852 (110V) cables are tailored to power Rubi machines without built-in cables.
Custom Compatibility: Please specify both the machine and cable reference for a perfect match to your equipment.
International Standards: Suitable for the destination country’s voltage requirements ensuring safe and reliable operation.
Extended Reach: Approximately 3.5 meters in length, providing ample reach for convenient and flexible placement.
Durable Construction: Robust and hardwearing design for long-lasting use in demanding professional environments.
Safe Operation: Equipped with a plug for secure electrical connections, designed to prevent accidental disconnection.
Essential Accessory: An indispensable part of your tool kit, ensuring your Rubi machine operates at its best wherever you are.

In the realm of professional tiling and construction, the importance of reliable and efficient power solutions cannot be overstated. The Rubi Cable with Plug, available in both 110V (reference 58852) and 230V (reference 58853), exemplifies Rubi’s commitment to providing high-quality accessories that enhance and facilitate the work of professionals. This cable is meticulously designed to offer universal compatibility with various Rubi electric cutters and tools, ensuring that regardless of the device, there is a power solution ready to support the task at hand.

Safety and reliability form the cornerstone of the Rubi Cable with Plug’s design. Each cable is equipped with a robust plug that ensures a secure connection to the power source, significantly reducing the risk of accidental disconnections. This feature is particularly crucial in maintaining uninterrupted operation during critical phases of work, where any disruption can lead to delays and potentially compromise the quality of the installation.

One of the most appreciated attributes of this cable is its extended length of approximately 3.5 meters. This generous reach grants users the freedom to navigate around their workspace without being tethered too closely to a power outlet. Such flexibility is invaluable in a professional setting, where mobility can enhance efficiency and ease the logistical challenges of managing equipment on-site.

Constructed from high-grade materials, the Rubi Cable with Plug is built to endure the rigors of professional use. Its durability ensures that it can withstand frequent handling and exposure to the tough conditions often found on construction sites. This resilience not only guarantees a long service life but also upholds the reliability expected from Rubi products, allowing professionals to focus on their work with confidence in their tools.

The cable serves as an efficient power solution for machines initially supplied without a cable. By offering this accessory, Rubi addresses a vital need for flexible and reliable power options that adhere to the brand’s standards of efficiency and performance. Whether for 110V or 230V requirements, each cable variant is designed to seamlessly integrate with the user’s equipment, providing a hassle-free setup that complements the professional’s workflow.

In essence, the Rubi Cable with Plug represents more than just an accessory; it is a fundamental component that powers the machinery at the heart of professional tiling and construction work. Its introduction into the Rubi lineup underscores the brand’s holistic approach to tool and accessory development, focusing on creating solutions that address the practical needs of its users.

With the Rubi Cable with Plug, professionals are equipped with a reliable, high-quality power solution that supports the precise and demanding nature of their work. It is an embodiment of Rubi’s dedication to innovation and quality, providing users with the assurance that every aspect of their equipment, down to the power cable, is engineered for excellence.

Dimensions N/A


Manufacturers Code

58853, 58852


110 Volt, 230 Volt

Power Supply

110V-50Hz., 230V-50Hz.


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