Rubi Comfort Gel Knee Pads

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Ergonomic Design for Professional Use
Dual Material: Hard Exterior, Soft Interior
Silicone Gel for Extra Stability
Extra-Wide Neoprene Bands
Quick-Closing System
Conforms to EN14404 Standard
Protection Level: 1

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For those in the tiling and construction sectors, spending hours kneeling on uneven floors while handling materials is a daily routine. Such repetitive strain can lead to long-term injuries and discomfort. RUBI has dedicated over 65 years to creating ergonomically designed tools and accessories to safeguard the well-being of professionals. In this tradition, they introduce the RUBI Gel Comfort Knee Pads, a fusion of innovative technology and thoughtful design.

Their Gel Comfort Knee Pads are not just another pair of knee pads; they are an ergonomic marvel. The knee pads feature a hard exterior that provides a robust barrier against impacts and uneven surfaces. This exterior shell is complemented by a soft inner material that moulds to the contours of your knees, providing unparalleled comfort.

What sets the Gel Comfort Knee Pads apart is the inclusion of silicone gel inside. This gel layer enhances stability and reduces stress on your ligaments and tendons. You won’t just be protecting your knees; you’ll be safeguarding your long-term physical health.

These knee pads don’t compromise on ease of use. Equipped with extra-wide Neoprene bands, they offer secure yet comfortable fastening. Furthermore, the quick-closing system simplifies the process of putting them on and taking them off, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Compliance with EN14404 standards and a protection level of 1 assures you that you are investing in a product designed to meet the highest safety requirements.

RUBI have always prioritised the health and efficiency of professionals. The Gel Comfort Knee Pads are a testament to this commitment, offering not only sturdy construction but also features that actively reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

As a brand recognised for durability and quality, RUBI continues to adapt to the evolving demands of each market. Their range of products aims to offer holistic solutions, from top-grade tools to essential accessories like these knee pads.

Make the smart choice for your long-term comfort and safety. Choose RUBI Gel Comfort Knee Pads and take a significant step in minimising occupational hazards and enhancing your performance in the field.




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Rubi Comfort Gel Knee PadsRubi Comfort Gel Knee Pads
£24.66 ex VAT - £29.59 inc VAT

Availability: 2 in stock (if you need more get in touch and we will let you know how fast we can deliver)