Rubi Diamond Grinding Flap Disc 115mm x M14

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Innovative Design: Features a unique flap disc structure for efficient grinding and finishing.
Versatile Grit Options: Available in Grit #50/60 for aggressive material removal, Grit #100/120 for medium grinding, and Grit #200 for fine finishing.
High Compatibility: Designed to fit all standard 115mm grinders with an M14 thread.
Durable Diamond Construction: Made with high-quality diamonds for extended life and consistent performance.
Multi-Use Application: Ideal for processing granite, marble, concrete, and other hard materials.

The Rubi Diamond Grinding Flap Disc 115mm x M14 revolutionizes the way professionals approach grinding and finishing tasks. This innovative tool combines the efficiency of a grinding wheel with the smooth finish of a flap disc, making it an indispensable asset for any construction or renovation project. Available in three specific grit options, it caters to a wide range of applications: Grit #50/60 for rapid material removal, Grit #100/120 for intermediate grinding and smoothing, and Grit #200 for achieving a fine, polished surface.

Crafted from superior-quality diamonds, this flap disc stands out for its durability and the ability to maintain performance over its lifespan. The unique design allows for not just effective grinding but also provides the flexibility to polish and finish surfaces to a high standard. Designed to fit all standard 115mm grinders with an M14 thread, this tool offers high compatibility and ease of use.

Whether you’re working with granite, marble, concrete, or other hard materials, the Rubi Diamond Grinding Flap Disc is designed to handle tough jobs while providing a smooth, high-quality finish. Its versatility and efficiency make it a must-have for professionals looking to achieve precise results with minimal effort.

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Manufacturers Code

32921, 32927, 32931


115mm x M14


#50/60, #100/120


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Rubi Diamond Grinding Flap Disc 115mm x M14
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