Rubi DX-350-N 1300 Laser & Level Bridge Wet Saw


Precision Engineered: The Rubi DX-350-N 1300 Laser & Level Bridge Wet Saw ensures accurate cuts for tilers.
Versatile Voltage: Available in both 52927 230V and 52928 110V options.
Extended Cutting Length: Accommodates materials up to 58 7/16″ (148.5 cm).
Deep Cutting Capabilities: Cuts up to 4 1/8″ (105 mm) with a 220 mm blade.
Motor Efficiency: A robust motor with 2700-3400 RPM for quick and precise cutting.
Advanced Safety: Equipped with ZERO DUST system and protective safety features.
Convenient Mobility: Folding legs with integrated wheels for easy transportation.
Ideal for cutting all types of tiles and building materials including marble, granite, bricks and concrete.
Excellent model for the professional tiler or landscaper.
Power Cable and Blade Sold Separately.

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When it comes to tile and masonry cutting, professional tilers and landscapers seek equipment that combines precision, power, and practicality. The Rubi DX-350-N 1300 Laser & Level Bridge Wet Saw stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation tailored for intensive use. It embodies a design that caters to the demanding environment of construction sites, delivering unparalleled cutting experiences to its users.
Crafted for precision, the saw comes with a high-performance plunge effect, enabling tilers to make incisions with exactitude. The robust motor, which operates at an adaptable range of 2700-3400 RPM, is engineered to tackle the most challenging materials, ensuring clean cuts through ceramic, porcelain tiles, marble, granite, and other building materials. The inclusion of a laser and level allows for additional accuracy, providing a clear guide for straight and diagonal cuts.
The DX-350-N offers unmatched versatility, capable of handling lengths up to 58 7/16″ (148.5 cm), and it boasts a deep cutting capability of 4 1/8″ (105 mm) to accommodate thick materials. With a diamond blade diameter of 250 mm, the saw is well-equipped for a variety of tasks, from simple cuts to complex mitring projects. The machine’s aluminium structure strikes the perfect balance between durability and portability, designed to withstand the rigors of the job site without imposing heavy lifting.
Tilers and landscapers will appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of folding legs with integrated castors. This feature makes the Rubi DX-350-N as mobile as it is dependable, allowing for seamless transportation and setup. The machine’s pyramidal leg structure enhances stability, ensuring safety during operation.
Health and safety are paramount, and the Rubi DX-350-N excels with its ZERO DUST system, minimizing airborne particles and offering a cleaner, safer working environment. Additionally, the saw comes with a thermal security switch and a protective system for segmented blades, adding layers of operational security.

The cutter’s aluminium working surface is detachable, simplifying maintenance and cleanup tasks. The removable water tank system also contributes to a cleaner workspace and easy machine care. Efficiency does not end with the cutting; it extends to every aspect of the tool’s design.
To cater to the varied power supply requirements of different regions, the Rubi DX-350-N 1300 is available in both 52927 230V and 52928 110V configurations, ensuring that it meets the needs of a global audience. The commitment to providing a premium cutting solution is further solidified by the machine’s 3-year warranty, offering tilers peace of mind with their investment.
In summary, the Rubi DX-350-N 1300 Laser & Level Bridge Wet Saw is not just a cutting tool; it is a companion for tilers who demand excellence, durability, and accuracy. It stands as a paragon of the Rubi ethos: to provide top-tier tools for those who shape the world one tile at a time.

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 200 × 86 × 143 cm


Manufacturers Code

52927, 52928


230 Volt, 110 Volt


2830, 2700

Power Supply

230V-50Hz., 110V-50Hz.

Cutting with Saw Effect


Max Cutting Thickness

105 / 220mm

Max Mitre Cutting Thickness


Outside Diameter


Includes Blade


Includes Cable


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