Rubi Flexible Dry Diamond Polishing Pad 100 mm

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High-Efficiency Polishing: Incorporates high-grade diamonds for exceptional dry polishing performance.
Comprehensive Grit Range: Options include Grit #50 for coarse, Grit #100 for medium, Grit #200 for fine polishing, BUFF for final high gloss and the M14 Rubber Pad Holder.
Flexible Design: Offers outstanding adaptability to contours and edges, ensuring a uniform finish.
Versatile Application: Ideal for granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces.
Add-On Compatibility: Compatible with the Rubi 100mm Rubber Pad Holder with an M14 connection for enhanced usability and precision.

The Rubi Flexible Dry Diamond Polishing Pad 100mm sets a new standard for excellence in dry polishing. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike, this series offers a comprehensive range of grits – Grit #50 for rapid material removal, Grit #100 for smoothing out medium imperfections, Grit #200 for fine polishing, and a BUFF pad for achieving a mirror-like finish. Each pad is infused with high-quality diamonds, ensuring both superior performance and longevity.

What sets these polishing pads apart is their incredible flexibility, allowing for easy adaptation to curves, edges, and intricate shapes, thereby ensuring a consistently high-quality finish across all types of natural stone surfaces. This flexibility, combined with the precision offered by the optional Rubi 100mm Rubber Pad Holder with an M14 connection, makes for an unbeatable combination that significantly enhances the polishing process, providing users with an efficient and effective solution for achieving perfect finishes.

Whether you’re restoring worn stone surfaces, preparing new installations, or simply looking to achieve a spectacular high gloss on your projects, the Rubi Flexible Dry Diamond Polishing Pad 100mm series, along with the Rubi 100mm Rubber Pad Holder, offers the perfect tools for the job, embodying Rubi’s commitment to quality, innovation, and professional-grade results.

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62970, 62971, 62972, 62977, 62986


100mm, 100mm x M14


#50, #100, #200, Buff




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Rubi Flexible Dry Diamond Polishing Pad 100 mm
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