Rubi Mix-9 Power Max 240v Electric Mixer

£140.85 ex VAT - £169.02 inc VAT

2100W High-Power Motor
40-60kg Mixing Capacity
2-Speed Mechanical Gearbox
FAST-IN System for Easy Paddle Change
Safety Features Including Locking System

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Step up your tiling game with the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX electric mixer, a powerhouse in the world of mixing equipment. The jewel in the crown of this mixer is its staggering 2100W motor. This allows you to mix a wide variety of materials, ranging from cementitious adhesives and paints to resins, regardless of their viscosity or density.

The mixer comes standard with a 140mm diameter, 3-helix mixing paddle, which enables you to mix up to 40kg of ceramic adhesive or any other cementitious-based material. However, with the strength of its 2100W motor, the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX can accommodate mixing paddles up to 160mm in diameter, ramping up your maximum mixing capacity to 60kg.

Switching between mixing paddles has never been easier, thanks to RUBI’s exclusive FAST-IN system. This feature eliminates the need for additional tools when changing the paddle, significantly reducing downtime. Moreover, the FAST-IN adapter is removable, making it possible to use any M14 threaded mixing paddle.

RUBI has also endowed this mixer with a 2-speed mechanical gearbox. This feature allows you to choose between low revolutions at 490 rpm or high revolutions at 880 rpm, tailoring your mixing speed according to the material you’re working with.

But that’s not all. The RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX doesn’t just prioritize power and efficiency; it also has your safety in mind. A switch-locking system prevents accidental activation, while the SOFT-START system allows for gradual startup, mitigating the risk of sudden accelerations that could lead to injuries.

Lastly, with its ergonomic double handle design featuring bi-material grips, this electric mixer not only offers excellent handling but also ensures remarkable work stability.

Harness the ultimate power and safety features of the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX electric mixer for a superior tiling experience.



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Rubi Mix-9 Power Max 240v Electric MixerRubi Mix-9 Power Max 240v Electric Mixer
£140.85 ex VAT - £169.02 inc VAT

3 - 5 Day Delivery If You Need It Faster Get In Touch