Rubi MIX-9 Supertorque 220V 50/60HZ

£139.00 ex VAT - £166.80 inc VAT

Powerful 1800W Motor
Dual-Speed Mechanical Gearbox
Exceptional 40.2 Nm Torque
Safety Lock to Prevent Accidental Startup
Ergonomic Double Handle Grip
Includes 140 mm Diameter Mixing Paddle
Compatible with RUBI’s FAST-IN Quick Connection System

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The RUBIMIX-9 SUPERTORQUE isn’t just another electric mixer; it’s an all-in-one solution for the diverse demands of modern tiling projects. Compatible with a wide array of materials, including cementitious adhesives, resins, and paints, it’s an indispensable tool for everyone in the tiling industry.

What sets this mixer apart is its incredible force, boasting an impressive 40.2 Nm torque. This level of power ensures that even the most viscous materials can be mixed effortlessly, without causing undue stress on the machine. Combined with an 1800W motor, this unit stands out as one of the most efficient electric mixers in today’s market.

Navigating through various RPMs is a breeze, thanks to its dual-speed mechanical gearbox. With a range of 0-450 RPM in the first setting and 0-780 RPM in the second, you have full control right at your fingertips. The mixer is equipped with a trigger featuring a soft start system, allowing for smoother operation.

Safety is paramount with the RUBIMIX-9 SUPERTORQUE, which incorporates a safety lock feature to prevent accidental startup, giving you peace of mind during the busiest of workdays.

When it comes to handling, the ergonomically designed double handle grip, complete with bi-material handles, enhances grip and reduces physical effort, making the process more comfortable.

The mixer comes with a 140 mm diameter mixing paddle that’s perfect for combining cementitious adhesives and mortars. Unique to the RUBIMIX-9 SUPERTORQUE, this paddle is a one-piece design, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

With its high-powered 1800W motor, the mixer can accommodate mixing paddles up to 160 mm in diameter, achieving a maximum mixing capacity of up to 60 kg.

Finally, the RUBIMIX-9 SUPERTORQUE is fully compatible with RUBI’s exclusive FAST-IN adapter for quick paddle connection, providing efficiency from setup to clean-up.

Choose the RUBIMIX-9 SUPERTORQUE for your next tiling project, and experience a perfect blend of power, speed, and safety.




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Rubi MIX-9 Supertorque 220V 50/60HZRubi MIX-9 Supertorque 220V 50/60HZ
£139.00 ex VAT - £166.80 inc VAT

Availability: 1 in stock (if you need more get in touch and we will let you know how fast we can deliver)