Rubi ND-200 Wet Saw


Professional Grade: The Rubi ND-200 Wet Saw is designed for pro-level, occasional use, delivering light, precise cuts every time.
Portable Efficiency: Lightweight and compact, it’s ideal for small spaces and easy transportation.
Enhanced Durability: Featuring a stainless steel folding table for extended life and resilience.
Accurate Angle Cuts: Equipped with a fast positioning system at 45º for effortless mitre cuts.
Comprehensive Cutting Kit: Includes a CEV PRO Ø200 mm diamond blade for immediate use.
Cooling System: Blade water cooling feature to maintain optimal temperature and prevent overheating.
Extended Warranty: Comes with a 3-year warranty, offering peace of mind and dependable quality.

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The Rubi ND-200 Wet Saw emerges as a beacon of professionalism and convenience for those in the tiling industry. Tailored for those who require precise and occasional cutting, the ND-200 offers a potent combination of portability and performance, housed within a light yet robust design.
Crafted with a keen eye on usability, the ND-200 Wet Saw is an epitome of Rubi’s commitment to quality. This saw is a professional’s ally, ready to deliver on the precision required for cutting ceramic tiles and other similar materials. With its stainless steel folding table, this saw stands strong against the corrosive nature of wet cutting, ensuring that it remains a steadfast part of your toolkit for years to come.
The Rubi ND-200 boasts a 45º fast positioning system that simplifies mitre cuts, a feature that is indispensable when striving for the perfect fit and finish. The inclusion of the CEV PRO Ø200 mm diamond blade allows for immediate operation, providing clean cuts from the get-go. This, coupled with the water cooling system, ensures that your blade remains cool, reducing wear and tear and extending the blade’s life.
One of the ND-200’s most user-friendly features is its removability of the disc protector for vertical cuts. This functionality enhances the saw’s versatility, making it not just a cutting tool but a solution for creating light boxes, frames, and other creative incisions. The lateral stop facilitates repetitive cuts, bolstering efficiency and consistency in your work.
When it comes to power, the Rubi ND-200 does not disappoint. The saw models 45915 and 45916 operate at 2790 RPM and 2750 RPM respectively, ensuring swift and smooth cuts across all your projects. The electric cable provided offers ample length for manoeuvrability, and the direct drive with a thermal protector adds a layer of safety, safeguarding against potential overloads.
This exceptional wet saw does not just perform well but also travels well. Its lightweight, compact design means it fits into smaller spaces easily and can be transported without hassle, perfect for contractors who move between sites frequently. Furthermore, the 3-year warranty that accompanies the ND-200 reflects Rubi’s confidence in their product, assuring you of its longevity and durability.
In the realm of cutting tools, the Rubi ND-200 Wet Saw stands out for its ease of use and reliability. It’s a tool that doesn’t merely cut tiles but does so with precision and care, ensuring every piece fits just right. It’s an investment in efficiency and quality, designed for professionals who believe in delivering their best work on every job.

Dimensions N/A


Manufacturers Code

45915, 45916


230 Volt, 110 Volt


2790, 2750

Power Supply

230V-50Hz., 110V-50Hz.

Includes Blade


Includes Cable


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Rubi ND-200 Wet SawRubi ND-200 Wet Saw