Rubi Professional Flex Knee Pads

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Ergonomic and Flexible Design
Adjustable Quick-Fastening Bands
Conforms to EN 14404 Standard
Inner Body Made of Soft Materials
Rigid yet Flexible Outer Shell

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Tile installation requires a unique set of challenges, often demanding professionals to kneel for extended periods while enduring repetitive movements. RUBI’s core philosophy has always been the well-being of industry professionals. With an enduring commitment to ergonomic design, we present the RUBI Flex Knee Pads as a solution to the unique challenges faced by tile fitters and construction professionals alike.

The Flex Knee Pads provide ergonomic protection that flexes with your movement. The adaptable quick-fastening bands make it easy for each user to secure the pads according to their body size and work conditions. Ensuring optimal comfort and fit, the inner body of the knee pads is manufactured using soft, malleable materials.

But it?s not just the inside that counts. The outer shell, although rigid for durability, is also designed for flexibility. This dual characteristic ensures the knee pads are not just robust and capable of withstanding constant ground contact, but also allow a range of motion that adapts seamlessly to the user’s movements.

In terms of safety, these professional knee pads adhere to EN 14404 standards and offer a protection level of 1. This is just another assurance that you are investing in a product engineered for safety and durability.

RUBI goes beyond just offering top-of-the-line tools for tile cutting and installation. They understand the accessory needs of a professional tile fitter and are dedicated to providing complements that make your job easier and safer.

With a history spanning over 65 years, the RUBI brand is synonymous with durability and quality. They pride themselves on creating products that not only stand the test of time but are also tailored to meet the specific demands of each market we serve.

Equip yourself with the RUBI Flex Knee Pads and experience a new level of ergonomic comfort and protection in your daily tiling tasks.




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Rubi Professional Flex Knee PadsRubi Professional Flex Knee Pads
£12.51 ex VAT - £15.01 inc VAT

Availability: 1 in stock (if you need more get in touch and we will let you know how fast we can deliver)