Rubi Professional Knee Pads N

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Ergonomic Design
EN 14404 Standard
High Absorbency Material
Large Support Surface
Adjustable Straps with Extra-Wide Rubber Body

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Understanding the risks that come with working in construction and particularly in ceramic tile installation, RUBI aims to provide industry professionals with ergonomically designed protective gear. Within this protective line-up, the Professional Knee Pads N stand out as an indispensable tool for ceramic tile fixers who prioritise comfort and safety.

Designed to offer ultimate ease of use, these knee pads are lightweight, practical, and highly ergonomic. They are crafted from absorbent materials that not only cushion the knees against impacts but also protect against the irregularities you might encounter on a worksite floor.

What sets these knee pads apart is their meticulous internal design, which conforms perfectly to the anatomy of the user?s knee. Meeting the EN 14404 standard, the pads provide Grade 1 performance, ensuring that they meet the high standards required for occupational safety.

The Professional Knee Pads N offer a broad support surface, contributing to optimal stability during the strenuous process of ceramic tile installation. Further enhancing their functionality are adjustable straps at each corner, featuring an extra-wide rubber body. This ensures a snug fit and excellent adaptation to the user’s leg contour, making adjustments simple and quick.

At RUBI, they are deeply committed to the well-being of professionals in the field. Ergonomics is a key concept in the design of their tools. They firmly believe that safeguarding health and mitigating workplace injury risks are crucial for both your well-being and effective work performance. Make your tile installation projects safer and more comfortable with RUBI’s Professional Knee Pads N.




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