Rubi Superpro M14 Diamond Full Round Bullnose Attachment

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High-Quality Diamond Bullnose
20mm Full Round Bull Nose
Vacuum Brazing Technology
Long Life
Provides A Smooth Finish
M14 Thread Connection
For Dry Use
Connection: M14 (Standard Angle Grinder Attachment)
Max RPM: 14,000
Optimum RPM: 6000-8000

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Introducing the Rubi Superpro M14 Diamond Full Round Bullnose Attachment the ultimate tool for effortlessly creating round edges. This versatile attachment is designed to cut countertops, steps, swimming pool copings, tree surrounds, kerbs, and more with ease. Whether you’re working with porcelain stoneware, natural stone, or other landscaping materials up to 20mm thick, this attachment delivers exceptional results.

Rubi’s diamond grinding wheels are specifically engineered for dry cutting and can be easily adapted to any grinder on the market, thanks to their M14 thread connection. The high-quality diamond particles are securely bonded to the tool body using advanced vacuum brazing technology, ensuring remarkable resistance to friction and temperature.

To ensure the correct use of diamond grinding wheels, it’s important to never exceed a speed of 14,000 rpm. For optimal performance and the highest quality finish, we recommend using grinders with speeds between 6,000 and 8,000 rpm.

With a deep understanding of the requirements of ceramic tile layers worldwide, Rubi is a recognized brand trusted by professionals in the field. Our knowledge and expertise encompass all materials used for installations and renovations, allowing us to manufacture tools of maximum precision. We are dedicated to meeting the high demands of our customers and the market, ensuring the design of tools and products that deliver exceptional performance for cutting and laying ceramic tiles with utmost precision.

The Rubi brand is synonymous with durability and quality. For over 65 years, we have been manufacturing products that demonstrate high durability and resistance, providing optimal performance even in the toughest working conditions. We continuously adapt to the demands of each market, ensuring our tools meet the highest standards.

Choose Rubi for durable and reliable tools. Our commitment to durability and performance enables us to deliver the best results, satisfying the needs of professionals worldwide. Experience the precision and quality that make Rubi the brand of choice in the ceramic tile installation industry.






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Rubi Superpro M14 Diamond Full Round Bullnose AttachmentRubi Superpro M14 Diamond Full Round Bullnose Attachment
£101.98 ex VAT - £122.38 inc VAT

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