Tileasy Uncoupling Matt 30m Rol

£182.00 ex VAT - £218.40 inc VAT

  • Comes in 30m rolls
  • Anti Cracking
  • Waterproof
  • Absorbs Movement

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Tileasy Uncoupling Membrane, now available in a convenient 30 metre roll. Achieve secure and long-lasting tile installations with this high-quality uncoupling membrane, designed to provide exceptional protection against substrate movements, cracks, and ensure the durability of your tiled surfaces.

The Tileasy Uncoupling Membrane, in a 30 metre roll, offers a comprehensive solution for both residential and commercial applications. Its innovative design absorbs stress and minimizes movement transfer, resulting in a stable and resilient surface that reduces the risk of cracks and fractures over time.

Installing the Tileasy Uncoupling Membrane is a breeze. Simply apply a suitable tile adhesive to the substrate and firmly press the membrane onto it, ensuring full coverage and eliminating air pockets. The flexibility and lightweight nature of the membrane make it easy to manipulate and adjust during the installation process, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

In addition to its uncoupling benefits, the Tileasy Uncoupling Membrane serves as a reliable waterproofing and vapor management layer. It prevents moisture penetration, safeguarding your tile installations from potential damage caused by water seepage. Whether it’s for bathrooms, kitchens, or wet rooms, this membrane provides a secure solution for areas with high moisture levels.

The Tileasy Uncoupling Membrane is compatible with various tile types, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and glass. Its versatility ensures a secure and stable surface, allowing for efficient and professional tile installations with exceptional results.

Invest in the Tileasy Uncoupling Membrane, now available in a 30 metre roll, and experience the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and durable tile installation. Visit the Tileasy website to discover more about this high-quality uncoupling membrane and elevate the performance and longevity of your tile projects.

Weight 17 kg


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Decoupling Mat


Crack Bridging, Decoupling, External, Floor, Internal, Natural Stone, Tiles, Underfloor Heating



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Tileasy Uncoupling MattTileasy Uncoupling Matt 30m Rol
£182.00 ex VAT - £218.40 inc VAT

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