Tilemaster Global Cleaner No.4 1ltr

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TileMaster Cleaner No.4 is a specially designed detergent for the removal of grout, grout haze, plaster, rust and cement on hard surfaces

Great for removing grout haze, plaster, cement and general builder dirt that has built up on your tiles.
Power rust remover when used neat
Removes salts and mineral deposits from terracotta and round swimming pools
Does not tarnish or ruin profiles on aluminium and steel (Trims, cookers, taps, sinks etc)

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Introducing TileMaster Cleaner No.4, the ultimate solution for tackling stubborn grout, grout haze, plaster, rust, and cement on hard surfaces. Exclusively available at The Tilers Hub, this specially designed detergent has become the go-to choice for professionals, contractors, and tile enthusiasts seeking a reliable and versatile cleaning solution for a range of surfaces.

Key Features:

Grout Haze Remover: TileMaster Cleaner No.4 excels at removing grout haze, a common challenge in tile installation and renovation projects. It leaves your tiles looking pristine and grout-free.

Powerful Rust Remover: When used neat, this detergent transforms into a powerful rust remover, effectively eliminating rust stains from various surfaces.

Versatile Use: Beyond grout and rust, it’s ideal for removing plaster, cement, and general builder dirt that may have accumulated on your tiles. Say goodbye to unsightly stains and residues.

Salt and Mineral Deposit Remover: TileMaster Cleaner No.4 is your solution for removing salts and mineral deposits, especially on terracotta surfaces and around swimming pools, ensuring they maintain their natural beauty.

Safe for Aluminium and Steel: Unlike some aggressive cleaners, TileMaster Cleaner No.4 does not tarnish or ruin profiles on aluminium and steel surfaces, making it safe for use on trims, cookers, taps, sinks, and more.

Why Choose TileMaster Cleaner No.4?
At The Tilers Hub, we are committed to delivering high-quality products that simplify tile and surface maintenance. TileMaster Cleaner No.4 exemplifies our dedication to providing innovative solutions that meet and exceed your expectations, offering you a reliable and versatile cleaning companion for your projects.

Effortlessly remove grout, rust, cement, and more with TileMaster Cleaner No.4 from The Tilers Hub. Join a community of satisfied customers who rely on our premium supplies for exceptional cleaning results.

Dilution Rate per 1 litre
Deep cleaning and degreasing ? 1:4 ? 15sqm

Grout Haze Removal ? 1:4 ? 15 sqm

Rust Removal Use Neat ? Leave for 15 mins keep wet at all times

Order TileMaster Cleaner No.4 today and experience the power of versatile and effective surface cleaning.

Weight 1 kg

Tilemaster Global



Approximate Coverage

10-15 m2


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Tilemaster Global Cleaner No.4 1ltrTilemaster Global Cleaner No.4 1ltr
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