Tilerite 2mm Spacer Pegs (1000)

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High-quality plastic construction for long-lasting durability.
2mm thickness ideal for fine grout lines and intricate tile patterns.
Easy-to-use design makes for a smoother tiling process.
Pack of 1000 pegs, perfect for both large and small tiling projects.
Provides consistent tile spacing for a professional finish.

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For any tiling project, the difference between a good job and a great job often lies in the details?specifically, the precision and uniformity of your grout lines. That’s where Tilerite 2mm Spacer Pegs come in. These small but impactful tools are an essential part of any tiler’s toolkit, ensuring that each tile is evenly spaced, resulting in a symmetrical and harmonious finish.

These spacer pegs are made from high-quality plastic material that is built to last, ensuring that they don’t warp or compress under the weight of your tiles. The 2mm thickness of these pegs is ideal for creating fine grout lines, which are often essential for intricate tile patterns or smaller-sized tiles.

Designed for efficiency and ease of use, the Tilerite spacer pegs are incredibly straightforward to use. Just place them at the corners of your tiles or wherever you require a gap, and you can be assured of a consistent spacing throughout your tiling job. The pack contains a generous 1000 pegs, making it well-suited for both large-scale and multiple small tiling projects.

Additionally, these pegs can be easily removed once the adhesive has set, leaving you with impeccably spaced tiles and a professional-grade finish. The 1000-peg pack also provides excellent value, giving you ample supply for projects of any size.





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Tilerite 2mm Spacer Pegs (1000)Tilerite 2mm Spacer Pegs (1000)
£4.00 ex VAT - £4.80 inc VAT

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