UltraTile ProPave Mortar Fibre Modified Cement Binder 20kg

£10.76 ex VAT - £12.91 inc VAT

For use with type 1 hardcore
Fast track installation
Fibre reinforced for added strength and durability
Simply mix with sharp sand and water
Dual-mix ratio for heavy or light trafficked areas
Maintains porosity to facilitate drainage
Approved for use with Porcelain and Natural Stone
Depth: 30-100mm
Internal and external use
Part of the ProPave External Tiling System
Size: 20kg Product calculator based on ratio of 6:1 aggregate

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ProPave Mortar Fiber-Modified Cement Binder by UltraTile: The Ultimate Solution for High-Performance External Tiling!
ProPave Mortar Fiber-Modified Cement Binder by UltraTile is a premium-grade product specially designed to meet the demands of external tiling projects. This advanced cement binder, fortified with fibres, offers exceptional strength, flexibility, and durability, making it the ideal choice for achieving outstanding results in outdoor tiling applications.
With its innovative fibre-modified formulation, ProPave Mortar provides enhanced crack resistance and improved tensile strength. It effectively withstands the stresses and movements associated with outdoor environments, ensuring your tiled surfaces remain intact and structurally sound over time. Say goodbye to worries about cracks or tile failure and enjoy the confidence of a reliable tiling solution.
ProPave Mortar Fiber-Modified Cement Binder is incredibly versatile and compatible with a wide range of outdoor substrates. Whether you’re working on concrete, natural stone, or other exterior surfaces, this cement binder delivers superior adhesion, ensuring a secure bond between the tiles and the substrate. This results in long-lasting, professional-quality installations.
One of the standout features of ProPave Mortar is its excellent workability and ease of use. It is a pre-mixed product, allowing for quick and convenient application. Its smooth consistency ensures effortless spreading and trowelling, saving you time and effort during the installation process. With ProPave Mortar, you can achieve precise and efficient tile placement every time.
Durability is at the core of ProPave Mortar. It is specially formulated to resist harsh weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to UV rays. This means your external tiled surfaces will maintain their integrity and aesthetic appeal, even when subjected to the rigors of outdoor environments.
ProPave Mortar also prioritizes environmental responsibility. It is a low-emission product, reducing its impact on the environment while ensuring a safer and healthier working environment for installers and occupants. This makes it an excellent choice for those who value sustainability without compromising on performance.
Whether you’re renovating a patio, installing tiles around a pool, or creating stunning outdoor features, ProPave Mortar Fiber-Modified Cement Binder by UltraTile is your ultimate solution. Its exceptional strength, flexibility, and ease of use make it the preferred choice for professionals seeking reliable and long-lasting external tiling results. Elevate your outdoor spaces with ProPave Mortar and enjoy the beauty and durability of professionally installed tiles.

Weight 20 kg


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UltraTile ProPave Mortar Fibre Modified Cement Binder 20kgUltraTile ProPave Mortar Fibre Modified Cement Binder 20kg
£10.76 ex VAT - £12.91 inc VAT

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