Kelmore LevelMore Flow Levelling Compound – 20kg

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Fast-setting, self-levelling compound suitable for 2mm to 25mm thickness in a single application.
Ideal for solid floors, including heated screeds, with superb flow and excellent surface finish.
Walkable in 2 hours, suitable for tiles after 3 hours, and resilient floor coverings after 4 hours.
Significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional cementitious flooring compounds.
Suitable for domestic and commercial use, interior floors, and various floor backgrounds.

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The Kelmore LevelMore Flow Levelling Compound represents an exceptional advancement in floor levelling solutions. This 20kg compound is specifically designed to provide an efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly option for both domestic and commercial flooring projects.

The product’s fast-setting nature allows for a swift progression in flooring installations. It is ideal for a range of solid floors, including those with heated screeds. Its dimensionally stable, protein-free composition ensures an excellent surface finish, making it a prime choice for areas requiring a smooth and level base.

One of the key attributes of LevelMore Flow is its flexibility in application thickness, ranging from 2mm to 25mm in a single layer. This versatility allows for greater adaptability to various project needs, ensuring optimal results regardless of the floor condition.

The environmental aspect of this product is noteworthy. It has been manufactured to reduce CO2 emissions significantly, marking it as a sustainable choice in comparison to traditional cementitious flooring compounds. This feature aligns well with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly construction practices.

LevelMore Flow is not only efficient in its application but also in its setting time. The compound is walkable within just 2 hours of application, and flooring installations like tiles and resilient floor coverings can be commenced after 3 and 4 hours respectively. This rapid setting feature is particularly advantageous in projects with tight schedules.

Furthermore, its compatibility with a range of floor backgrounds, including concrete, tile backer boards, and existing ceramic or porcelain tiles, adds to its universal appeal. The product is also suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas due to its protein-free nature.

To sum up, Kelmore LevelMore Flow Levelling Compound is a top-tier choice for professionals seeking a fast, versatile, and environmentally responsible solution for their flooring needs.

Weight 20 kg


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Floor, Internal, Showers, Swimming Pools, Wet Rooms




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Kelmore LevelMore Flow Levelling Compound - 20kgKelmore LevelMore Flow Levelling Compound – 20kg
£11.31 ex VAT - £13.57 inc VAT

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