Rubi DC-250 Python 1200 Wet Saw


Powerful Motor: Comes in either 110v or 240v and operates at 50Hz, delivering 2790 revolutions per minute for precise and efficient cutting.
Versatile Cutting Capacity: Accommodates cutting lengths up to 1210mm, with a maximum thickness of 61mm in a single stroke and 90mm in two strokes.
Mitre Cutting Excellence: Offers infinite mitre cutting length and up to 50mm mitre thickness cut, enhancing versatility.
Enhanced Blade Performance: Includes a high-quality blade with a 250mm outside diameter, ensuring clean cuts.
Robust Construction: Overall dimensions of 162 x 82 x 131cm and a net weight of 60kg, providing stability during use.
Dual Voltage Compatibility: Available in both 110v and 240v, catering to various power supply needs.
Comprehensive Cutting Solutions: Ideal for professional tilers looking for a reliable wet saw for extensive tiling projects.
Suitable for intensive cutting of tiles including porcelain and the occasional cutting of natural stone.
Great starter model for those venturing into outdoor tiling or landscaping.
Power Cable Sold Separately.

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The Rubi DC-250 Python 1200 Wet Saw is a game-changer for professional tilers, offering unmatched precision, power, and versatility. Designed with the needs of the tiling professional in mind, this wet saw caters to a wide range of cutting tasks, from simple straight cuts to complex mitre cuts, making it a must-have tool in any tiler’s arsenal.

At the heart of the DC-250 Python 1200 lies a robust motor that operates on a 110V or 240V 50hz power supply, delivering a formidable 2790 revolutions per minute. This raw power translates into effortless cutting of tiles and stone materials, ensuring that every job is done efficiently and with precision. Whether you’re working with large format tiles or need to execute intricate mitre cuts, the Python 1200 is up to the task.

One of the standout features of the Python 1200 is its exceptional cutting capacity. It boasts a maximum cutting length of 1210mm, making it ideal for handling even the largest tiles. The saw can cut through materials up to 61mm thick with a single stroke and 90mm thick with two strokes, offering flexibility for various project requirements. Moreover, the saw excels in mitre cutting, with infinite mitre cutting length and a 50mm mitre thickness cut capacity, enabling tilers to achieve perfect angles and finishes.

Included with the saw is a high-quality blade, measuring 250mm in diameter, designed to provide clean, precise cuts every time. This, coupled with the innovative wall chaser effect, ensures that the DC-250 Python 1200 can tackle not only standard cutting tasks but also more specialised applications with ease.

Durability and stability are key concerns for any professional tiler, and the Python 1200 addresses these with its robust construction. The saw’s dimensions (162 x 82 x 131cm) and a net weight of 55kg provide a stable base for cutting, minimising vibrations and enhancing cut accuracy. Furthermore, the dual voltage compatibility (110v and 240v) makes this saw versatile enough to use in various work environments, ensuring it meets the needs of tilers everywhere.

The Rubi DC-250 Python 1200 Wet Saw is a top-tier choice for professional tilers. Its blend of power, precision, and versatility makes it an invaluable asset for tackling a wide array of tiling projects. Whether you’re cutting large format tiles, executing complex mitre cuts, or needing a reliable tool for wall chasing, the Python 1200 is designed to exceed expectations and elevate the quality of your work.

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 162 × 82 × 131 cm


Manufacturers Code

56939, 56947


230 Volt, 110 Volt



Power Supply

230V-50Hz., 110V-50Hz.

Cutting with Saw Effect


Max Cutting Thickness

61 / 90mm

Max Mitre Cutting Thickness


Outside Diameter


Includes Blade


Includes Cable



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