Rubi DCX-250 XPERT 1550 Wet Saw


Superior Stability: Crafted with a reinforced aluminium chassis and a triple beam system for increased rigidity and precise cuts.
Powerful Performance: Equipped with a 3350 RPM motor, ideal for intensive use and cutting tough materials like marble and granite.
Optimal Cutting Capacity: Provides a large cutting length of 61 1/16″ (155 cm), accommodating sizable materials with ease.
Advanced Cooling Efficiency: Features the CYCLONE System for improved blade cooling and water dispersion reduction.
Healthier Work Environment: Incorporates the patented ZERO DUST technology, drastically reducing airborne particles during operation.
Enhanced Mobility: Transport handle and off-road type reinforced wheels ensure easy handling and transportation across job sites.
Premium Precision: Angular measurement system adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees for accurate, repetitive cuts.
Best performing professional electric cutter for professionals at the top of their game.
Power Cable and Blade Sold Separately.

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The Rubi DCX-250 XPERT 1550 Wet Saw represents the pinnacle of professional-grade cutting tools, offering unmatched precision, stability, and power for the most demanding projects. Designed for both occasional and intensive use, this wet saw caters to professional tilers and landscapers who demand excellence and reliability when working with natural stone materials like marble or granite.
At the heart of the DCX-250 XPERT 1550 lies a robust 3350 RPM motor, engineered to cut through the toughest materials with precision and ease. The reinforced aluminium chassis, backed by an innovative triple beam system with steel sides, ensures superior stability and rigidity, allowing for the most precise cuts in every use.
This wet saw’s cutting capabilities are expansive, offering a generous 61 1/16″ (155 cm) cutting length to handle larger materials, making it a versatile choice for various projects. The high-performance plunge effect and cutting height adjustment add to its adaptability, ensuring that every cut is made to measure and finish.
Key to the DCX-250 XPERT 1550’s performance is the CYCLONE Cooling System, which not only increases the cooling efficiency of the cutting blade but also reduces water dispersion. This innovative system ensures a clean workspace and prolongs the life of the blade, providing both efficiency and sustainability in one feature.

One of the standout features of this wet saw is the ZERO DUST technology, which significantly reduces the airborne dust generated during cutting. This patented system is exclusive to Rubi and is certified by TNO, guaranteeing a safer and healthier work environment, which is essential for professionals who are committed to both excellence in their work and their health.
Understanding the demands of professional tilers, Rubi has designed the DCX-250 XPERT 1550 with enhanced mobility in mind. The inclusion of a transport handle and off-road type reinforced wheels facilitates effortless movement around the job site, saving time and energy. Furthermore, the ergonomic bi-material handle provides comfort during operation, ensuring precise control over each cut.
Precision is further exemplified by the angular measurement system, which is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees, enabling tilers to achieve accurate and repetitive mitre cuts with ease. The reinforced cutting guide also contributes to this precision, ensuring a better cut finish and overall superior workmanship.
The Rubi DCX-250 XPERT 1550 is available in both 110V (model 52971) and 230V (model 52970) options, accommodating tilers working in various locations and with different power supply needs. Additionally, Rubi’s confidence in this product is solidified by the 3-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of the saw’s quality and longevity.
In conclusion, the Rubi DCX-250 XPERT 1550 Wet Saw is a tool that embodies the fusion of innovation, precision, and durability. It is built for professionals who value quality and efficiency and is designed to deliver exceptional results across a wide range of tiling and stone-cutting tasks.

Weight 86 kg
Dimensions N/A


Manufacturers Code

52970, 52971


230 Volt, 110 Volt



Power Supply

230V-50Hz., 110V-50Hz.

Cutting with Saw Effect


Max Cutting Thickness

60 / 90mm

Max Mitre Cutting Thickness


Outside Diameter


Includes Blade


Includes Cable



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