Rubi Guide Kit for TC-125

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Complete Guiding Solution: The Rubi 51949 Guide Kit enhances precision for straight and mitre cuts.
Versatile Use: Compatible with the SLIM SYSTEM G2 guides, ideal for large-format tiles.
Superior Construction: Durable materials for extended use and consistent performance.
Ergonomic Design: Facilitates user comfort and accuracy during prolonged cutting tasks.
Easy to Set Up: Quick installation process that saves time and increases efficiency on-site.
Improved Accuracy: Ensures straight cuts and simplifies the process for achieving perfect mitres.
Professional Standard: Meets the high-quality expectations for professional tilers and contractors.

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The Rubi 51949 Guide Kit is a testament to Rubi’s commitment to innovation and quality in the professional tiling industry. This comprehensive kit is designed to aid professionals in achieving the utmost precision in cutting large-format tiles, ensuring that each cut is flawless and true to measurement.
Constructed to integrate seamlessly with the SLIM SYSTEM G2 guides, this kit is an indispensable tool for achieving straight and mitre cuts with ease. The guides are meticulously engineered to provide stability and accuracy, making the cutting process both smoother and faster. The precision of the Rubi 51949 Guide Kit is unmatched, allowing for cuts that are not only accurate but also aesthetically pleasing.
The design of the guide kit prioritizes durability. Made from materials that withstand the rigors of continuous use, the Rubi 51949 is built to last. It stands up to the daily demands of professional use, ensuring that contractors and tilers can rely on their tools to perform consistently over time.
Ergonomics play a crucial role in the design of the Rubi 51949 Guide Kit. The ease of setup and use means that users can work comfortably for longer periods, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. This thoughtful design extends to the overall handling of the guides, with features that make it easy to achieve precise alignment swiftly, saving valuable time on the job.
Accuracy is at the forefront of the Rubi 51949 Guide Kit’s features. The guides are designed to simplify the process of making consistent, straight cuts and achieving the perfect angle for mitre cuts. This level of precision is essential when working with high-end materials and when the finish of the project is paramount.
The Rubi 51949 is not just about precision; it’s also about enhancing the user’s experience. Its ease of setup means that even complex cutting tasks become less daunting, ensuring that even the most challenging projects are completed with confidence. The reliability of this guide kit makes it a go-to solution for professionals who cannot afford to compromise on the quality of their work.
The guide kit is part of a cutter reference plus the guide reference (Ref.51949) and must be used with the SLIM SYSTEM G2 guides.
to ensure optimal results. The incorporation of these guides facilitates the handling of large-format tiles and significantly improves the user’s control during the cutting process, providing an edge in both speed and precision.
The Rubi 51949 Guide Kit exemplifies the perfect blend of Rubi’s innovative design and practical functionality. It stands as a vital addition to the professional’s toolkit, reinforcing Rubi’s position as a leader in cutting and handling tools for large tiles. This kit ensures that every cut is a reflection of the professional’s skill, supported by tools that are designed to excel in demanding situations.
In conclusion, the Rubi 51949 Guide Kit is an essential investment for professionals seeking to achieve excellence in their tiling projects. It represents Rubi’s unwavering dedication to quality and is a true ally in the precision cutting of large-format tiles.

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Rubi Guide Kit for TC-125Rubi Guide Kit for TC-125
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