Rubi TC-125 G2 Circular Hand Saw


Cutting Edge Power: The Rubi TC-125 G2 Circular Hand Saw comes in both 230V and 110V for universal job compatibility.
Precision Engineering: Ideal for cutting ceramic, porcelain tiles, and natural or synthetic stone, especially large-format tiles.
Ergonomic Design: Includes ergonomic handles and a tilting side guard for mitre cuts, enhancing user comfort and precision.
Versatile Cutting: Features a height-adjustable cutting head and is compatible with 115mm or 125mm diameter discs.
Dust Reduction System: Equipped with a double dust reduction/control system for clean dry and wet cutting.
Safe and Secure: Boasts a switch with safety lock to prevent unintentional startups and a thermal protector to safeguard the motor.
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The Rubi TC-125 G2 Circular Hand Saw sets the bar for handheld saws, offering professional tradespeople a reliable and precise cutting solution tailored to modern demands. This saw is specially designed to navigate the intricacies of cutting ceramic, porcelain tiles, and even the toughest natural or synthetic stone, making it especially suited for large-format tiles.
Rubi’s commitment to excellence is evident in the TC-125 G2’s powerful operation, available in both 230V and 110V versions, ensuring that whether you’re on a local site or working internationally, you have the power you need. With a 13800 RPM and a 1250W motor, the saw cuts through materials with ease, providing the speed and strength required for professional applications.
Precision is at the heart of the TC-125 G2. The ergonomic design includes a bi-material handle primarily for mitre cuts, which not only increases the accuracy of these cuts but also reduces user fatigue. The height-adjustable cutting head, hinged from 0 to 45 degrees for mitre cuts, allows for versatility in the job, ensuring that no cutting task is beyond reach.
The saw’s ability to accommodate both 115mm and 125mm diameter discs makes it a versatile tool for various cutting jobs. Additionally, it is compatible with discs that have a reinforcement flange, increasing the cutter’s stability and cutting capacity. The saw is designed for both dry and wet cutting, featuring a double dust reduction/control system that keeps your work environment as clean as possible, which is further improved by the possibility of a direct connection to a vacuum cleaner.
Safety is a primary consideration in the design of the TC-125 G2. A switch with a safety lock prevents the saw from unintentional startups, while a thermal protector is included to safeguard the motor from overheating. The electric cable is equipped with PRCD (Portable Residual Current Device), enhancing the user’s protection against electrical hazards.
In summary, the Rubi TC-125 G2 Circular Hand Saw is a professional-grade tool that combines power, precision, and protection. It’s built to handle a wide range of cutting tasks with efficiency and accuracy, reflecting Rubi’s dedication to providing tools that meet and exceed the demands of professionals worldwide.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 36 × 24.5 × 21 cm


Manufacturers Code

51967, 51977


230 Volt, 110 Volt



Power Supply

230V-50Hz., 110V-50Hz.

Max Cutting Thickness


Max Mitre Cutting Thickness


Includes Blade


Includes Cable



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