Rubi Laser & Level Kit for DV/DC/DCX/DS/DX

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Enhanced Precision: The Rubi Laser & Level Kit 54999 provides pinpoint accuracy for tile cutting on DV/DC/DCX/DS/DX models, ensuring every cut is straight and precise.
Dual Functionality: Combines a laser guide and level in one kit, maximizing efficiency and accuracy in tile placement and cutting.
Easy Integration: Designed specifically for compatibility with Rubi DV, DC, DCX, DS, and DX electric cutters, offering seamless installation.
Versatile Application: Ideal for both intricate detail work and large format tile projects, enhancing versatility across various tiling jobs.
Robust Design: Built to Rubi’s high standards, ensuring durability and reliability even in the most demanding professional environments.

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The Rubi Laser & Level Kit 54999 is a revolutionary tool designed to bring unparalleled precision to the tiling industry. Tailored specifically for use with Rubi’s DV, DC, DCX, DS, and DX electric cutter models, this kit elevates the cutting process to new heights of accuracy and efficiency. By integrating the latest in laser and levelling technology, Rubi provides professionals with the means to execute every cut with confidence and precision.

Central to this kit’s appeal is its dual functionality. The laser guide projects a clear, sharp line across the tile, serving as a visual guide that ensures each cut is straight and true. This is complemented by the level, which ensures that tiles are not only cut accurately but also laid out perfectly level. This combination is especially beneficial in today’s tiling landscape, where the demand for precision in both residential and commercial projects is higher than ever.

Installing the Laser & Level Kit is a straightforward process, designed to integrate effortlessly with the specified Rubi electric cutters. This easy integration means that professionals can quickly benefit from the enhanced capabilities it offers, without needing extensive downtime or adjustments to their existing setup. It’s this plug-and-play simplicity that makes the kit not just an accessory, but an essential upgrade to the Rubi cutting system.

The versatility of the Rubi Laser & Level Kit opens up a world of possibilities for tiling professionals. Whether it’s executing intricate cuts for detailed mosaic work or ensuring the straightness of cuts on large format tiles, this kit provides the accuracy needed for every type of project. It’s an invaluable tool for those who pride themselves on the quality and precision of their work, offering a level of control that was previously hard to achieve.

Durability and reliability are key aspects of all Rubi products, and the Laser & Level Kit is no exception. Constructed to withstand the rigours of daily use in professional environments, this kit is built to last. Its robust design ensures that it remains a reliable part of the professional’s toolkit over many projects, providing long-term value and performance.

In conclusion, the Rubi Laser & Level Kit 54999 represents a significant advancement in tiling technology. By offering a simple yet effective way to enhance precision in tile cutting and laying, it addresses a critical need within the tiling industry. It embodies Rubi’s commitment to innovation and quality, providing professionals with the tools they need to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. For those looking to elevate their work to the highest standards of precision and efficiency, the Rubi Laser & Level Kit is an indispensable investment.



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Rubi Laser & Level Kit for DV/DC/DCX/DS/DXRubi Laser & Level Kit for DV/DC/DCX/DS/DX
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