Rubi Roller Table Extension for DU/DC/DCX/DS/DX

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Work Surface Expansion: The Rubi ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 provides additional support, enlarging the work area of electric cutters.
Durable Materials: Constructed from steel and/or aluminium for a sturdy and lasting extension to your cutting equipment.
Seamless Integration: Designed to complement Rubi electric cutters, merging seamlessly with your existing setup.
Functional Design: Balances aesthetics with practicality, enhancing the usability of your cutting station.
Versatile Support: Ideal for a wide array of materials, providing extra stability for large format tiles and heavy-duty tasks.

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The Rubi ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 stands out as an indispensable component for tiling professionals seeking to expand their work surface. Recognising the diversity and size of modern tiling materials, Rubi has ingeniously crafted this table extension to provide additional support, enabling tilers to manage larger tiles with ease and confidence.

Crafted from premium-grade steel and aluminium, the ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 is not only robust but also lightweight, allowing for easy manipulation and adjustment. This durability ensures that the table extension can withstand the rigors of daily use, making it an enduring addition to your toolkit. Its construction is a testament to Rubi’s dedication to quality, providing a product that is both reliable and resilient.

One of the most significant features of this extension is its seamless integration with Rubi’s range of electric cutters. Designed to enhance your existing equipment, the ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 fits effortlessly into your workflow, amplifying the functionality of your tools without any complex adjustments or time-consuming setups. It’s this plug-and-play nature that makes the extension a favourite among professionals.

The fusion of design and functionality is a hallmark of Rubi’s approach to tool and accessory development. The ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 is visually cohesive with Rubi’s product line, maintaining the professional appearance of your work setup while providing the practical benefits of expanded workspace. It strikes an optimal balance, ensuring that no aspect of the product’s utility is sacrificed for aesthetics.

Whether it’s large format tiles or particularly heavy materials, the ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 provides the much-needed support for secure handling. The extra space afforded by this extension allows for full control over the cutting process, reducing the risk of breakage or uneven cuts. It is the additional surface area that can make all the difference in achieving flawless results.

For professionals who take pride in their work, the ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 is a symbol of commitment to excellence. It acknowledges the evolving nature of tiling materials and adapts to these changes, offering a solution that is both contemporary and functional. This table extension is not merely an accessory but a key part of ensuring that each cut is as precise and perfect as the last.

In conclusion, the Rubi ROLLER TABLE EXTENSION 51914 is an essential upgrade for those looking to enhance their tiling capabilities. It represents an investment in efficiency, quality, and precision, reflecting Rubi’s understanding of the needs of tiling professionals. With this extension, tilers are well-equipped to tackle larger projects with the same level of detail and craftsmanship as they do smaller ones.



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Rubi Roller Table Extension for DU/DC/DCX/DS/DXRubi Roller Table Extension for DU/DC/DCX/DS/DX
£248.00 ex VAT - £297.60 inc VAT